Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is the key to unlocking our oldest memories. Have you ever wondered if you've lived before? Perhaps you've experienced strong feelings of knowing someone you've only just met, or felt a strong connections to a place you've never been or even arrived somewhere for the first time and instinctively felt you'd been there before although you knew you hadn't... not in this lifetime anyway. Through Past Life Regression you can discover the answers along with so much more.

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLR) involves going back to earlier lifetimes normally viahypnosis to retrieve memories, patterns and events that may still negatively influence our lives today.

With PLR you can move through and heal the root cause of a present situation, resolve and understand karmic patterns, complete old unfinished business, understand current relationships, lift old restrictions and blocks to healing, and gain a spiritual perspective of your life situation. You can go back to previous lifetimes for the purpose of understanding and learning, pure curiosity or even to discover talents, values, feelings and gifts you possessed in other lives.

Interestingly research suggests a belief in reincarnation is not necessary to receiving benefit from PLR. It can be a transformative and insightful process for anyone.

So why have a Past Life Regression session?

All our past lives are a part of our present life and these are much closer to the surface of memory and emotion than most of us realise.

In contrast to listening to someone tell us about our past lives, a PLR session is far more powerful as it involves the re-experiencing of previous lifetimes and can lead us to self-discoveries. This direct experience can be used to change our present lives for the better, as well as to provide opportunities and benefits for learning, healing and growth.

"We all know that knowledge is power. So it's only logical that self-knowledge is self-power. The more we know about ourselves, the more effective people we'll be and the more comfortable we'll be in our own skin. Understanding what motivates us, what repels us, what we yearn for, what we need to avoid, and why we think and feel the way we do can make all the difference in the world in our physical and emotional health."
'Past Lives, Future Healing' by Sylvia Browne

Past Life Regression 
Using Dream Time Healing

  • Do you feel stuck or trapped?
  • Does the same thing keep happening over and over again?
  • Do you have a family curse?
  • Do you feel powerless to change?    

The Past + The Present = The Future

Clear the past, change the present and create a new future.  Imagine how freeing your life could be if you were able to stop repeating patterns

So, what is Dreamtime Healing?

Dreamtime Healing is an advanced and unique healing modality which uses kinetic energy to go back through the hologram of time. It is based on the ancient Aboriginal knowledge of the laws of LORE.

Dreamtime Healing assists a client to access cellular memory passed down from generations and the cause and effect of events. It understands Man as a multidimensional being in a multidimensional world, consisting of a visible world (the physical day-to-day life) and an invisible world (such as chakras, meridians, spirit, soul, aura, etc).

Law = a rule laid down, an order of government and the order in which things happen.

Lore = Universal knowledge known by most indigenous cultures, incorporating creation and transcending all dimensions.

People suffering from any of the following can benefit from Dreamtime Healing

Money issues
Attempted Suicide
Self Harm
Anger or Violence
Emotional or Compulsive Disorders
Voices in the Head
Paranormal activity
Depression, Despair, Fear, Guilt or Shame
Pin, Anguish or Trauma
Smoking, Drug or Alcohol Dependency
Physical, Emotional or Sexual Abuse
Sleeplessness, Nightmares
Post Traumatic Stress
Unfulfilled Relationships
Building / Land Clearing
Inter-dimensional interference
Whole Family or Ancestral Trauma

Clearing and changing events of the past changes the future.  Imagine how freeing your life would be if you actually cleared the events of the past.

Invest in a Past Life Regression Healing Session

$ 150 NZD

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Testimonial for Susan Alesbury

I was having issues with my jaw constantly clenched 24 hours a day and nothing I did seemed to allow it to relax which resulted in headaches and constant tiredness. I had come from a stressful job but was now in a wonderful organisation with great people around me but just couldn't let go of the stress that had built up over a long period of time. It all stemmed from feeling obligations, believing I always had to work harder and longer and fearing what would happen if I didn't. 

I saw Susan for a session of Dreamtime Healing which raised a number of past-life experiences relating to feeling obligations and working stoically, that fortunately she was able to clear. Over the next few days my jaw felt much more relaxed but I still experienced intermittent tension. Within a week all the tension was gone from my jaw and my headaches had disappeared. 

Since then my life has only continued to improve. I can now appreciate my positive work environment and no longer push myself relentlessly to work long hours and don't feel the obligation to always do more. I received an award and ongoing recognition for the contribution I have made to my workplace. The future vision I created as part of the Dreamtime Healing featured me in a warm, convivial home environment complete with a partner, entertaining friends over dinner. This has now become a reality after having recently moved in with the man I have been waiting for all my life and enjoying spending time with his and my friends. Thank you Susan for a life-changing experience that I will always appreciate.



I met Susan for a session of Dreamtime Healing. I wasn't a skeptic, but i did feel a little guarded. She had come recommended by a good friend, and i was at a particularly low point in my life, so was willing to try most anything.  I was going through huge life changes at the time, and my confidence was seriously knocked. My  hands would shake beyond my control and i had a nervous tick in my cheek. At times of stress these became noticeably worse.

The first thing to strike me was how calm and welcoming Susan is; she exudes serenity. I was immediately comfortable. What followed was fascinating to say the least. We explored events from centuries before that came easily and very clearly to my mind.  I felt humbled, like i had been given the gift of vision for the first time.  I can still picture those images so clearly today, and they fill me with warmth and wonder.  That alone was a gift, but the bonus has been that my hands ceased to tremor and the tick has disappeared. My confidence has continued to improve over time, and my life feels vastly improved on a year ago.  

I would highly recommend Susan for helping you to face your fears and start the healing process in your life.  
Kind regards - Brigette

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