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Providing that you want to stop smoking,
hypnosis can help you!

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Our unique "Stop Smoking" Programme makes it so easy to quit smoking, that after around one hour you can become a happy non-smoker without feeling deprevation, loss and pain.

You will experience a sense of relief and elation that you have at last achieved what
all smokers long to achieve - you have become a happy permanent non-smoker.

Most smokers know that by stopping smoking they will save several thousand dollars a year. Most smokers know that if they quit smoking right now they could save their health before it's too late.

So why do cigarette smokers continue to smoke?

It all comes down to one thing... FEAR.

    Fear that you will have to give up your crutch or pleasure.
    Fear that you will not enjoy life again or handles stress.
    Fear that you will gain weight.
    Fear that you will never get free of the craving.

All of these fears are just examples of one over-riding fear. The one simple reason that you have stopped smoking is that you FEAR that it is going to be too painful and too difficult.


How much better you will feel as a non-smoker!

Think how much money you will have in your pocket when you are a non-smoker!

Imagine what you can do with all that money you will save!

If you're ready to Stop Smoking Now
Call one of the team

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Hypnosis Makes it Easy

Our unique hypnosis technique makes it so easy that after around only one hour you’ll leave a happy non-smoker  with a huge sense of relief and elation.

When you stop smoking you will

•    Enjoy the company of smokers without wanting a cigarette.

•    Regain your sense of taste and smell and enjoy food more.

•    Breathe more easily and feel fitter.

•    Look and feel better. Your complexion and skin tone will improve.

•    Feel more comfortable travelling on buses, trains and airplanes.

•    Be a better role model for your children and your grandchildren.

•    Have more money to spend on the things you enjoy
(a 20 day smoking habit
     costs around $5,000 per year) Our programe is only $350

Health benefits are immediate and ongoing

If you're ready to Stop Smoking Now
Call one of the team

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Using Hypnosis to Stop Smoking Now

Our Unique Approach

Since the British Medical Association (BMA) and the American Medical Association (AMA) approved the use of clinical hypnosis in the 1950’s, thousands of people have found hypnosis to be an effective way to stop smoking, lose weight, and otherwise improve their lives. Of course, there are varying degrees of success with hypnosis because much depends upon the skill, experience and general competence of the individual hypnotherapists – as well as the techniques being used by them.

The beauty of our unique approach is that we use the best of traditional hypnotherapy techniques, and combine them with the new science of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), which takes hypnosis to an even greater level of effectiveness.

One of the reasons why it’s not painful or difficult to stop smoking with our method, in fact one of the reasons why it’s so easy, is that we transfer the pleasure derived from smoking to a healthier habit of your choice (e.g. exercise, drinking more water, or relaxation). This is the reason why, with us, there is NO unwanted weight gain or other problems associated with kicking the habit – the only side-effects are an increase in health, wealth, and freedom.

Nothing to Fear Everything to Gain

Hypnosis is possibly as old as mankind. The old myths and misconceptions about hypnosis have given way to proven, scientifically sound applications. Today, the use of hypnosis is seen in a variety of fields, including: medicine, dentistry, law enforcement, professional sports, and education.

Most people have a limited understanding of the positive results that can be achieved in a professionally controlled hypnosis session. We would like to dispel some of the myths and answer the most frequently asked questions about hypnosis.

• How does hypnosis work?

Our minds work on two levels – the conscious and the unconscious. We make decisions, think and act with our conscious mind. The unconscious mind controls our habits. In the relaxed state known as hypnosis, we can communicate directly with the unconscious mind. This is why it is so quick and easy to change habits of a lifetime with hypnosis.

• Will hypnosis work for me?

Generally speaking, every normal person is “hypnotisable”. That is, people with an IQ of at least 70, and no severe mental disorders. Therefore, virtually anyone can achieve successful results using hypnosis.

• How will I know if I am hypnotised?

Most people cannot tell the difference between the hypnotised and the waking states. Some people feel relaxed and lethargic, others feel a lightness. One thing that people do notice is an inexplicable change in their daily behaviours.

• Is hypnosis safe?

Hypnosis is completely safe. You are aware and in control at every moment and can terminate the session at any time. Hypnosis is not sleep, nor can you get “stuck” in a state of hypnosis. You cannot be made to do something against your will! Hypnosis is a safe, relaxing, and enjoyable experience.

• How does hypnosis help me to kick the smoking habit?

Because smoking is a habit, it is controlled by the unconscious mind. Since hypnosis and NLP work directly with the unconscious, this is the only method that makes sense! We can help you effortlessly transition into the healthy lifestyle of a happy non-smoker – it only takes one hour to quit.

Hypnosis is possibly as old as mankind. The old myths and misconceptions about hypnosis have given way to proven, scientifically sound applications. Today, the use of hypnotherapy is seen in a variety of fields including: medicine, dentistry, professional sports, and is a popular method to help people quit smoking and lose weight.

"I really do feel 'over' the whole smoking situation and have a lot more clarity about how it was holding me back in so many ways,  and I now feel really positive because I'm in control now!  I don't doubt there will challenges ahead - that's what life is anyway, a series of challenges -  but I have really achievable goals and I've got my old determination back so there's no stopping me!

As you said, if smoking were an actual friend, I would kick them out without a second thought after all the grief its caused, and now I have - oh the relief!

Thanks again for all your help Susan"                                      Jacqui - Aucklan

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20 minutes
8 hours

24 hours

48 - 72 hours
2 – 12 weeks
3 – 9 months

1 year
10 years

15 years
- Blood pressure and pulse rate should return to normal.
- Nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in the blood reduce by half, oxygen levels
  return to normal.

- Carbon monoxide eliminated from the body. Lungs begin to eject mucus and
  other smoking debris.

- The body is free of nicotine. Sense of taste returning to normal.
- Circulation improves.
- Coughs, wheezing and breathing problems alleviated. Lung function
  increased by up to 10%.

- Risk of heart attack now half that of a smoker.
- Risk of lung cancer now half that of a smoker.
- Heart attack risk now equals that of a non-smoker. Lung cancer risk now
  just slightly higher than the ‘never smoked’ category.


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